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I'm a trained dancer and a mum of two. Working in the dance sector, being a business owner and a present member of my family is a hard balance to strike, I understand the battle to gain and maintain a calm balance. I don't have the monopoly on calm, far from it. But I do find that  self-care practices like pilates and a long walk in nature help me to get there. I want to help you to have that in your life. 



I'm  motivated by information! I'm always a student first and nothing makes me happier than discovering new things and bringing them to class to share with my clients. I always switch things up and keep it fresh because I never stop learning and exploring myself.

My classes focus on mind and body connection. Building body awareness, improving strength, freedom and functionality while focusing on breath and release.

I completed my teacher training with Body Control Pilates

I was introduced to pilates during my dance training and its helped me in my dance career, through a couple of injuries (the most serious one being my achilles tendon rupture in April '18) and preparation and recovery from two pregnancies.