I'm a trained dancer and a mum of two. Working in the dance sector, being a business owner and a present member of my family is a hard balance to strike, I understand the battle to gain and maintain a calm balance. I don't have the monopoly on calm, but I do find that self-care practices like pilates and a long walk in nature help me to get there. The strength I've gained from Pilates helps me to stay physically available for every area of my life, whether it's walking uphill with my daughter on my shoulders, carrying heavy shopping home from the supermarket, or being a strong dancer. 

I'm incredibly passionate about sharing the benefits of strength and balance that pilates brings so beautifully with my clients.



I'm motivated by information (that was the inspiration for my business name because let's face it Brenda Nassali-Liston Pilates is a bit of a mouthful.)

I'm definitely a movement geek, a foot nerd, and nothing makes me happier than discovering new things and bringing them to class to share with my clients. I always switch things up and keep it fresh because I never stop learning and exploring myself.

My classes focus on mind and body connection, building body awareness, improving strength, freedom of movement and functionality while focusing on breath and release.

I completed my teacher training with Body Control Pilates

I was introduced to pilates during my dance training and its helped me in my dance career to recover from injury. I also loved the way it helped prepare and repair my body (twice) during pregnancy.


  • Level 3 Matwork Teacher Certification (Body Control Pilates & Active IQ)

  • Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Qualification (BCP & Active IQ)

  • Intermediate Matwork (BCP)

  • Pilates for Performance (BCP)

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