I did my Level 3 Pilates training with Body Control Pilates

I started pilates at dance college. Pilates helped me heal from dance injuries. I had a knee injury and tore my achilles which is a very scary injury for a dancer, but I recovered really well because I could do pilates at home while I waited the 8 weeks for a hospital physio. When I was pregnant both ties I did antenatal and postnatal pilates which really helped my body to heal and get back to dancing.


The strength I get from doing Pilates helps me in every part of my life;  Walking uphill with my daughter on my shoulders, carrying heavy shopping, or being a strong dancer.
My purpose is to teach you Pilates so you see how much it will add to every part of your life.



I'm incredibly passionate about sharing the benefits of movement with you. 

I love learning, which was the inspiration for my business name (learning is information).

I love learning about the body, movement and anatomy.

At the moment I'm learning about fascia with the Art of Motion Academy, bringing the two worlds of Pilates and fascia together is bringing me so much joy.

But as I learn, my passion is to always bring it into my teaching. Nothing makes me happier than bringing new things to my clients. I always add in some extras to the pilates exercises because there's so much in movement that can benefit us.

My classes focus on ease of movement in daily life, functional exercises, mind and body connection, body awareness and building strength with focus on breath and release.

If you would like to know more, see this interview I did with Martin Reid on Core Conversations.


  • Level 3 Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification (Body Control Pilates & Active IQ)

  • Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Pilates Qualification (BCP & Active IQ)

  • Intermediate Matwork (BCP)

  • Pilates for Performance (BCP)

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion (Art of Motion Academy/Anatomy Trains)

  • Slings Essentials (Art of Motion Academy)

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