"When 'I' is replaced by 'We', even illness becomes wellness." - Malcolm X


I see you and I support you. That is the beauty of a one-to-one session with me. There's no hiding and there's no judgement. I work with you to help you to where you want to go.

Maybe you don't like group settings. Or you need someone to help you be consistent. Maybe you have a major goal in mind and you want someone to help you reach it. I can help you get there.



What's on offer:

  • Pilates Mat or Pilates Reformer

  • Pilates & Slings® - A science-informed fascia-focussed method of movement

  • Buff Bones® - A medically endorsed system of movement for bone & joint health


  • One to one support 

  • Confidence in what you can achieve

  • A professional eye to help you make the right changes for your body

  • An introduction to the basics of Body Control Pilates to set a good foundation

  • Help to reach higher goals and achieve more

  • Dance or sports specific programme for functional improvement of technique.

  • Faster progress than group classes

  • A personal programme for any body restrictions or chronic injuries you're recovering from.

You let me know what your goals are and we work on them together.

What my clients have to say




£45 trial/intro session
£60 per session /£285 for block of 5/£570 for block of 10


1:2 (duets)

Because everything's better with the people we love. Why not do Pilates together?

All you have to do is choose who to bring. Your husband, wife, partner, sister, brother or friend. 
£45 each per session/£215 each for block of 5/£410 each for block of 10

Trios and small groups and corporate available on request.

Terms & Conditions - Please read

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