• Brenda

How does Pilates help you?

I don't know about you but challenging my core and using all my joints in a balanced whole body practice like Pilates helps me to keep up with my kids and I love it! That old adage 'use it or lose it' is definitely true. But I can tell you from experience; once you lose it you can definitely get it back by using it again. I loved hanging as a child but hadn't done it in decades until I read about the benefits of hanging for core and grip strength. We don't all want to climb the monkeys bars or trees with the kids but whatever your movement goal is, Pilates can help you get there.

What do you want Pilates to help you to do?

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Weekly Class Schedule:

Tuesday 6.30pm St Michael's Church Hall, Sydenham

Wednesday 10.30am The Bridge, Islington

Friday 9.30am Studio One Pilates & Movement, Forest Hill

Saturday 10.00am St James Hatcham, New Cross (for Ankor Pilates)